International Patients

The pediatric neurosurgical department of Necker Hospital:

Necker pediatric neurosurgical department is the largest pediatric neurosurgical center in Europe, operating about 1500 children each year. Our department is on call 7 days 24/24H for all the pediatric neurosurgical emergencies of Great Paris Area.

There are 16 bedrooms in the department along 20 dedicated beds in the intensive care unit. All the bedrooms have a private bathroom, WIFI access and there is one bed for one parent to stay overnight.

There are 2 operating rooms with microscopes, neuronavigation devices and a stereotactic robot, along with neuroendoscopes. Neuro radiological interventions are performed in the neuro radiology suite, located in the OR.

Minimal invasive approaches are performed, as for example Laser Interstitial Thermo Therapy under MRI guidance (Visualase) for hypothalamic hamartome, epileptic disorders or brain tumors.

All the pediatric neurosurgical procedures are performed in Necker: Craniosynostosis, Spine surgery (Chirari Malformation, dysraphism, intra medullary tumors) Tumor resections (endonasal endoscopic approaches, craniopharyngioma, optic pathway glioma, pineal tumors, intra ventricular tumors) , epilepsy surgery (lobar resection, hemispherotomy, SEEG, Hypothalamic hamartoma , Cerebro spinal fluid disorders (VP shunts, endocopic third ventriculostomy), neuro vascular procedures (Cerebral revascularization for Moyamoya, AVM and cavernoma resections), movement disorders (spasticity).

Contact us:

If you are seeking for a second opinion, you can contact us through the functional units secretary:

Dr Paternoster.
Secretary: salima.madini@aphp.fr

Brain tumors, oncology
Pr Beccaria.
Secretary: naomi.joly@aphp.fr

Epilepsy surgery, neurovascular disorders, Hydrocephalus
Pr Blauwblomme.
Secretary: stephanie.guillou@aphp.fr

Spinal Cord Disorders
Dr James.
Secretary: letycia.mbobo-loukoula@aphp.fr


As a first step, you shall send your medical files , including all the medical reports (surgical report, radiology, histology, EEG…) and imaging Data (MRI, CT) The images need to be available as DICOM files, ideally on a CD-ROM or shared via a web platform.

A medical tele consultation will be the second step, with our institutional software “ORTIF” where we will exchange with the family and patients and explain the surgical options.

The third step, is a medical quote, sent by APHP institution, including all the services related to the hospitalization (MRI, surgery, anesthesiology…). Payment is required via bank transfer to APHP institution, prior any hospitalization